Please only use 5 blocks of bait per bait station.

We do our Rat Bait Pulses in February, April, August and November each year

After putting toxic bait out on Day 1, CONTRAC (BLUE BAIT BLOCKS) is checked and refilled two more times (i.e Day 7 and Day 14), before removing all bait at the end of the fourth week (Day 28).

When checking and refilling bait, any loose, largely eaten or moldy bait should be replaced with a new block. At the end of a pulse (end of the fourth week) – all bait must be removed from stations and disposed of safely. Double wrap in newspaper, a plastic bag and put out with your general rubbish (don’t let dogs get to it) – which goes to an actively managed landfill.

Do not leave any bait unsecured as it can adversely affect non-target animals and children. 

*** Wear disposable gloves and/or wash your hands thoroughly after handling any bait ***

Winstone's Cove Bait Check

Winstone's Cove Bait Check


Rat Bait Station 0 - Beyond the Russian's - a new addition


Rat Bait Station 1 - outside the Russian's


Rat Bait Station 2


Rat Bait Station 3


Rat Bait Station 4


Rat Bait Station 5


Rat Bait Station 6